Training on the job

Transfer of knowledge and experience optimizes your processes and your team.

You have developed a product (together with us, of course), and use casting resins, extrusion profiles, injection molded parts or other components in your production? You already have an automated potting system, bonding device or similar or are on the way from manual operation to industrial series production?

We offer instruction to prepare your employees ideally for your product. The value of a product results not only from the raw materials used, the development & construction - but also from the talent of the salesperson to explain this value to the customer. We train your sales team, explain terms, material properties and differences to competitor products.

Together, we also develop concepts to optimize your internal process. Time is not only money, but also decides in the project business about your brand and your future growth. We are happy to accompany your production and act on your professionals to ensure a smooth process.

We are equally happy to contribute to your events (in-house exhibitions, training, seminars, etc.) specialized presentations to demonstrate to you and your partners the possibilities of our technology and know-how.

An overview of our range of services
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